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Systems Administrator

Gavin Driggers

Gavin Driggers
The Prevailance Leadership Team is made up of experienced professionals from various military and corporate backgrounds.

About Gavin Driggers

Gavin joined Prevailance in 2022 as an IT Specialist. He graduated from Old Dominion University the same year with a Bachelor of Science in Cybersecurity and works to keep Prevailance’s networks and technology running securely.

While in the undergraduate program, Gavin joined the Old Dominion University Cybersecurity Student Association where he serves as an officer and holds weekly meetings teaching students about “homelabbing”, where IT professionals and hobbyists deploy complex infrastructure like servers and datacenters in their homes to study Cybersecurity and IT concepts. He also served as the president of the Resident Assistant Delegation, a group that represented the school’s Resident Assistants to University leadership.

He is currently working towards his Master’s in Cybersecurity and is constantly researching new threats and countermeasures to hone his skills and keep Prevailance safe. To this end, Gavin has taken the helm on Prevailance’s Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification project to meet government compliance requirements that will come into effect early next year. This project involves designing a secure and stable network for Prevailance to operate in, monitoring Prevailance’s networked assets for threats, and preparing detailed write-ups to be presented to an auditor.

He has also worked on several smaller projects to enhance various IT processes at Prevailance. In his free time, Gavin likes to work on his own homelab and hone his creative writing skills in the hopes of publishing a novel.