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What We Do

Operations Services

We deliver keen analysis, reviews, and assessments of force readiness, capacities, and overall effectiveness to key decision-makers.

Operations Services addresses myriad mission-critical areas to include doctrine and tactics, techniques, and procedures development as well as assessment data analytics. We employ the industry’s brightest subject matter experts to ensure our evolving expeditionary doctrine is ready to meet the challenges of modern warfare in uncertain environments.

Our subject matter experts identify areas for improvement and provide recommendations to tactics and capabilities that maintain the highest level of operational readiness. They also provide systematic evaluation of mission area effectiveness through comprehensive warfighting assessment and gap analysis.

Strategic communications information management is another cornerstone of our support. We provide exercise communication plan development that emphasizes warfighting capabilities.

We review and conduct assessments of the Force Generation (Fg) process, focusing on mission area effectiveness of fleet-wide training and current training policies. Our analysis of Fg metrics and database information aids in evaluating surface force readiness and enhances Force Employment (Fe) execution.

In collaboration with the Surface Warfare Enterprise, we employ functional data analytics and develop readiness solutions. We provide Readiness Kill Chain assessment, root cause analysis, and program management, which contribute to the heightened operational readiness throughout the Surface Warfare Enterprise.