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What We Do

Training & Readiness Services

We provide pivotal design, development, control, and assessment capacities to enhance combat forces’ readiness and effectiveness and facilitate unit and force training and certification across basic, integrated, and advanced stages of readiness preparation.

Prevailance, Inc. offers advanced expeditionary Force Generation and Force Development advanced phase exercise scenario design, exercise control, Master Scenario Events List (MSEL) management, Exercise Control (EXCON), as well as curriculum design, development, and instruction. Our facilitators foster the highest levels of proficiency through advanced and integrated training and assessment that leverages existing and emerging doctrine and tactics.

We ensure strike group interoperability through our expertise in multi-tactical data link architecture and network pre-deployment training. Further, we provide shipboard analysis and operational level of war assessment to identify areas for improvement and optimization, thus contributing to the overall preparedness of our fleet. Additionally, our proficiency in curriculum analysis; live, virtual, and constructive simulations; and mobile training team support ensures that our personnel receive the most relevant and effective training possible.