Benefits with Prevailance

Prevailance Employees have various benefits available to them. Some benefit programs require contributions from Employees, others are fully funded by the Company.

Available Benefits Include:

Personal Time Off

All Employees earn paid time off that equals to ten (10) days a year. PTO must be used within the Employee’s Period of Performance (POP) rollover date. Employees on contracts governed by the Service Contract Labor Standards are vested vacation leave upon reaching their Contract Anniversary Date.


Medical, dental, and vision coverage is available for all Employees and dependents on a pre-tax basis. Prevailance pays 50% of all premiums to offset out-of-pocket costs.


The ten (10) federal holidays are authorized as paid time off. Holidays include:
New Year’s Day
Presidents Day
Memorial Day
Independence Day
Labor Day
Columbus Day
Veterans Day
Thanksgiving Day
Christmas Day


Prevailance offers a 401(K) Plan through Lincoln Financial. Currently, Prevailance does not participate in a match program.

Life/Disability Insurance

Life, accidental death & dismemberment, and short/long term disability insurance is provided by UNUM at no charge to the Employee. All premiums are paid 100% by Prevailance.

Worker’s Compensation Insurance

Prevailance partners with The Hartford to ensure wage replacement and medical expenses are covered for an Employee who sustains an injury by accident during their employment.

TRICARE Supplement Insurance

Our company offers a voluntary insurance plan designed to wrap around TRICARE to help Employees save on their healthcare expenses.

Crisis Advocate

Prevailance Crisis Advocate, Stefanie Joyce, represents Prevailance by offering independent and confidential counseling and assistance to Prevailance employees, and in some instances their families, who may be facing challenging life issues and personal crisis events.

Laptop Computer Reimbursement

Prevailance offers a Laptop Reimbursement Program that will reimburse 50% of the base laptop, up to $750.00 total.


An employer-paid benefit designed to provide Employees and their families product and services in parenting, senior care, legal and financial services, home and personal services, wellness and emotional health. LifeCare also provides Employees online discounts and savings on hotels, car rentals, groceries, child care and more!

Education Reimbursement Program

Prevailance offers an Education Reimbursement Program that assists with the funding of a variety of Employee education endeavors. Each Employee is eligible for up to $4,000.00 of reimbursable education expenses.
The Company reserves the right to add, amend, modify or terminate any Employee benefit plans or programs at any time. Contracts governed by the Service Contract Labor Standards will have benefits offered to them which are determined by the Wage and Determination (WD)

Employee benefits are typically reviewed at the end of each calendar year. The Company researches the market for the most cost-effective insurance coverages possible. Eligible Employees who choose to change their existing insurance coverage options are encouraged to do so at the end of the calendar year, when the following year’s benefits are being negotiated during Open Enrollment. Eligible Employees experiencing emergent circumstances, or a qualifying event, that require a change in insurance coverage at any other time during the year have 30 days to bring this qualifying event to the attention of Human Resources.
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