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What We Do

Instructional Services

We deliver formalized course curriculum to our country’s service members and apply advanced blended learning approaches across the breadth of training environments.

Prevailance is an established industry partner providing instructional support across a wide spectrum of critical warfighting domains. Our specialized team of professionals bring years of expertise to areas including engineering, firefighting, damage control, and fire control instruction. We play a pivotal role ensuring operational readiness of our sailors, Marines, airmen, and soldiers.

Our formalized training services include classroom instruction, testing, remediation, curriculum development and sustainment, maintenance, administration, safety, and management support.

As an example, Prevailance provides critical instructional support for the Code of Conduct/Survival, Evasion, Resistance, and Escape (COC/SERE) and Personnel Recovery programs in various settings, including classroom, laboratory, and field environments. We employ role play strategies and remediation tactics to improve the learning experience for the students. Our dedication to maintaining the highest standards of quality and safety guarantees that these training programs not only maintain their effectiveness but also meet the most stringent compliance requirements.

Prevailance, Inc. fosters the development of highly skilled and mission-ready personnel through our commitment to excellence in training, support, and sustainment.