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Prevailance provides high-value services and technologies to the U.S. Government, Department of Defense, and NATO as they face tomorrow's threats and challenges.


Federated Mission Networking (FMN) and the US instantiation of FMN - Mission Partner Environment (MPE) is the standard for global coalition exercise and real-world operations. Prevailance provides experience in MIL-MIL and CIV-MIL information sharing built on lessons learned and best practices for connecting national command and control systems to support mission tasking. Prevailance brings experience and insight into the multinational environment engaged across the spectrum of operations ranging from humanitarian support to complex operations.

Prevailance directly supports FMN/MPE experiments evaluate spiral development of coalition C2 capabilities to include capabilities to exchange information outside the mission partner environment with government and humanitarian organizations. Multinational experiments are key to validation and verification of MPE/FMN spiral specifications and feedback to communities of interest developing follow on specifications.
Prevailance supports US Joint Staff interaction with NATO Allied Command Transformation (ACT) tasking by the NATO Military Committee in development and review of strategic programs related to command, control, and coordination. Prevailance’s understanding of US, NATO, coalition operations and international law facilitates support to ongoing development to multinational capability.

Prevailance has ongoing experience supporting non-US contracts meeting unique reporting and working environments. Prevailance has successfully executed multiple NATO ACT contracts, supporting customer requirements with US and multinational personnel with critical expertise and skills.  

Warfare Skills Training

Preparing today’s Sailor for tomorrow’s problems is a long-standing passion of ours. We are honored to support the US Navy in conducting survival, evasion, resistance and escape (SERE) training for high-risk personnel and aiding in the development and training of today’s amphibious warfare tactics and maneuver. We support both the Center for Security Forces’ (CENSECFOR) and other Department of Defense SERE programs. With over sixty personnel, in three locations, we deliver expert academic, laboratory and field training to thousands of “high-risk of capture” Department of Navy and Naval Special Warfare (NSW) students each year. In support of the Navy Expeditionary Warfighting Development Center (NEXWDC) we facilitate advanced phase training and doctrine development for Navy Expeditionary Combat Forces (NECF).
Specifically, we provide:
  • Expeditionary Warfare (EXW), Irregular Warfare (IW), Construction (CON), and Anti-Terrorism/Force Protection (ATFP) tactics analysis, review, standardization, doctrine and tactics development, GCIS SWOS (Surface Warfare Officer School)
  • Navy Expeditionary Staffs performance evaluation during advanced/integrated training events
  • Exercise development and planning in support of Fleet and training/assessment exercises
  • Navy Expeditionary concepts review and proof of concept in fleet exercises and experiments
  • Mission area effectiveness assessments, and gap identification and analysis
  • Course management and curriculum development support

Concept of Operations & Doctrine Development

Prevailance provides subject matter expertise, collaborative team management, and administrative services necessary to develop Fleet warfighting and platform wholeness concepts of operations (CONOPs).  

Focused on the operational to high tactical levels of warfare, Fleet CONOPS compliment existing doctrine by identifying paths to integrate emerging technologies and capabilities into Fleet operations and tactics.  Specifically, they address both how the Fleet will employ capabilities to perform an assigned mission and how the Fleet will man, train, equip, and sustain new capabilities in advance of Fleet introduction.  We provide broad experience to CONOPS development in a variety of maritime disciplines including logistics, tactical aviation, weapons systems, information dominance as well as surface, expeditionary, aviation, and subsurface warfare.  Producing deliverables involve regular engagement with Navy component commands, numbered fleet commands, type commands, warfare development centers, resource sponsors, program offices, training commands, and other relevant Navy organizations.

Command & Control, Intelligence

Prevailance has extensive experience in carrier battle group planning, culminating in support to Aircraft Carrier Planning and Scheduling. Each carrier, airwing, surface combatants have unique capabilities and support requirements to fully employ their warfighting advantage. Prevailance supports the Navy by providing a fully integrated schedule of workups, deployment, and upkeep.

Fleet Aircraft Carrier Planning and Scheduling

Maritime Operations Center Training, Certification, and C4I Support

PREVAILANCE was founded by career Naval aviators. We know Navy carrier operations. We use our aviation perspective and experience to support Fleet aircraft carrier plans and schedules milestones.
PREVAILANCE is a plank owner in the development of the Navy’s operational level command and control centers for joint maritime operations, the Maritime Operations Center (MOC). A teammate in identifying solutions for MOC capability requirements, the MOC Project Team was instrumental in advancing the Navy’s vision of improved staff processes to provide superior command and control of maritime and joint forces.

PREVAILANCE has over 10 years of experience in MOC processes, developing TTPs, and certification of every Navy MOC. We currently provide training in command & control, assured C2, intelligence and information exchange requirements, cyberspace and information operations, to support commanders’ decision making and set conditions for the success of the Fleet around the world.  

Exercise Development, Control & Support

Prevailance is highly experienced at delivering live, virtual, constructive (LVC) training and assessment support to U.S. Naval Forces. We employ proven, recognized processes based on the Joint Event Lifecycle (JELC) model to provide standardized procedures that assure consistent quality in any type of training exercise or instructional environment. We develop an overall framework intrinsically driven by the supported unit’s mission essential tasks (METs), training objectives and goals, and other leadership-directed certification requirements. We support each exercise planning and development effort with key milestone events and products, such as:
  • Concept Development Conference
  • Initial and Mid Planning Conferences (IPC and MPC)
  • Integrated Staff Training Scenarios
  • Communications-Electronics Plans
  • Storyline/Master Scenario Event List (MSEL) Development
  • Assessment Criteria
  • Exercise Playbook
Our team conducts detailed internal planning to build scenarios whether real-world, altered real-world or synthetic, that closely represent the C2 and support relationships, and C4ISR used in the AOR to which the training audience is deploying. We provide a scenario with enough contextual depth to be used for multiple training iterations and for multiple individual training audiences simultaneously within the same exercise. The Exercise Playbook we develop and deliver, provides exercise specific data and is intended to serve as the single source of scenario information to support exercise force planning efforts and final exercise execution. Prevailance provides exercise control and support as directed by the customer and required by the training audience. We support any scale or scope Final Exercise from CPX through LVC forces participating in the training event as we rely upon the cross-training of our personnel to surge support in meeting manpower requirements. During the exercise execution, we:
  • Conduct detailed LVC White Cell operations to ensure all NMETs for the various training audiences are stimulated, exercised, and assessed
  • Conduct detailed LVC EXCON operations to execute and adjust the MSEL, as the exercise unfolds and the plan meets with real-world events
  • Continuously instruct and mentor the training staffs’ C2 processes and procedures in organizing a staff and operations center; properly assigning staff functions and watchstander duties; and information management procedures within the staff and operations center
  • Upon completion of the exercise once objectives have been met, Prevailance develops and delivers after action reports addressing our assessment of the training audience performance. We also turn the lens inward to assess how well we delivered training support and how we can make it better.

Test & Evaluation

Prevailance provides engineering, analysis, and support services to multiple organizations to define, conduct, assess, and report structured developmental and operational testing and evaluation (T&E) of Navy and Marine Corps platforms and systems.  

Through experimentation and tactical demonstrations, our T&E efforts support concept development and contributes to tactics, techniques, and procedures.  We leverage a wide variety of technologies to implement logistics planning and decision/planning tools to support T&E lifecycle processes: documentation review, test design and planning, test execution and data collection, data analysis and reporting, test operations support, modeling and simulation, as well as test program management, financial, and administrative services.
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