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Prevailance Pizza Party!

During the week of 18-22 May Prevailance Employees across the country participated in a simultaneous “Prevailance Pizza Party”, enjoying a pie on the house as we all continued to manage lock-down conditions. Prevailance is committed to supporting our local businesses at all our work locations!

Prevailance Supports Troopster

Prevailance was proud to support Troopster, a local non-profit that provides care packages to our troops serving all over the globe. Additionally, with the recent threat of COVID-19, Troopster created a campaign to provide the frontline heroes in the United States such as Doctors, Corpsmen, Nurses, Volunteers, EMTs, Policemen and Firefighters with gloves, masks, and other items to keep them safe. Prevailance is proud to support Troopster in their mission to keep our nation’s heroes safe. You can learn more about Troopster’s COVID-19 fund here

The Prevailance Navy SERE West team

The Prevailance Navy SERE West team and the Program Manager, Steve Snyder pose for a photo in front of a wall mural painted by our very own, Whitney Warren!

Our SERE teams support the U.S. Navy in providing exceptional survival training for high-risk personnel. Bravo team SERE West!

Prevailance supports the National Multiple Sclerosis Society

As part of our corporate charitable program, Prevailance supported the National Multiple Sclerosis Society. Prevailance’s contribution will “help fund cutting-edge research, drive change through advocacy, facilitate professional education, and provide programs and services to help people with MS move their lives forward”. You can learn more about NMSS here.

Prevailance supports the Toby’s Dream Foundation

Prevailance was proud to support Toby’s Dream FoundationToby’s Dream Foundation, a non-profit organization that is dedicated to bringing joy to children with life-threatening illnesses by granting them a Dream of a lifetime. Prevailance aligns with the belief Toby’s Dream FoundationToby’s Dream Foundation holds that “by bringing to life the Dreams of children in our own community, we can create extraordinary experiences for children who face an uncertain tomorrow, which allows them to continue believing in the possibility of a moment unencumbered and a life full of hope.” You can learn more about Toby’s Dream Foundation here.

Happy Birthday Prevailance!

Prevailance celebrated 15 Years of business success on January 5, 2020! After closing its most successful year ever, the company looks forward to the next decade of dedicated quality support to our Customers. We would also like to take this opportunity to cast a big THANK YOU! to all of our current and past Employees, our Teammates past and present, and our key Stakeholders. Happy 15th Prevailance!

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