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2019 Prevailance Award

The 2019 Prevailance Award is presented to Tyler Gowans by Deputy Operating Officer, Gan Prisinzano at the San Diego holiday party held on January 3, 2020. Our Prevailance Award is presented to “the Prevailance Ambassador who best advances the Customer’s mission, thereby enhancing the Prevailance Brand.” Tyler led the VMX-1 operational test efforts on a high value, high visabilty aviation program at Eglin Air Force Base. He filled a crucial role by assisting his Prevailance Program Manager while successfully supporting a challenging customer. Tyler significantly expanded his areas of expertise allowing the customer to rely on him for support on other programs. Congratulations Tyler! Your hardwork and continued dedication doesn’t go unnoticed.

2019 Magellan Award

Prevailance COO, Larry Slade is shown presenting Mark “Crunchy” Burgess the 2019 Magellan Award at the Prevailance Christmas party held on December 12, 2019. Our Magellan award is presented to “the Prevailance employee who not only demonstrates the most vision but lays the course and embarks on the journey.” Congratulations, Crunchy!

The 2019 Cliff Acree Leadership Award

The 2019 Cliff Acree Leadership Award is presented to both Mark Scovill and Steve Snyder by Prevailance CEO, John Owens. Our Leadership award is presented to “the Prevailance employee who best inspires others to embrace our values of Teamwork, Passion, Integrity, and Creativity.” Mark led the stand up of a new contract encompassing 65 new employees. He proactively addresses many execution challenges with unmatched professionalism and enthusiasm. Steve, executed the transition of a re-win contract with significantly changed requirements. Steve also created innovative approaches to management and execution to address new requirements. Congratulations Mark and Steve!

I/ITSEC Conference 2019

Mark Burgess and Ned Hazlett representing Prevailance Inc. at the 2019 I/ITSEC in Orlando, FL. Check out the Prevailance website for more information of FOX TWO – software that enables individuals and units to train more effectively and efficiently to improve combat readiness. Contact Mark Burgess at 757-309-4572 for further details.

2019 NAS Oceana MWR Sponsorship Luncheon

Prevailance’s Mackenzie Carlough represented the company at the 2019 NAS Oceana, Morale, Welfare and Recreation Sponsorship Luncheon. MWR hosted the luncheon to thank Prevailance and other sponsors of the 2019 NAS Oceana Airshow, as Prevailance continued its decade-plus support and participation in the fantastic weekend aviation event. Thank you NAS Oceana MWR – see you again next year!

2019 Interservice/Industry Training

Prevailance will be attending the 2019 Interservice/Industry Training, Simulation and Education Conference (IITSEC) in Orlando on December 2-5. We are excited to join with the industry’s best training providers to help our military prepare to meet the enemy. Together with Aditerna Inc. and the Virginia Modeling Analysis and Simulation Center, we will be meeting with numerous military representatives to demonstrate our training optimization software: FOX TWO. See FOX TWO in action at Contact Mark Burgess at to schedule a demonstration.

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