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SERE West Work Anniversaries

We would like to recognize four of our SERE West team members on reaching their five-year work anniversary: Jason Wyly, Eric Cole, Todd Gilje, and Andrew Nierras (left to right).

Jason Wyly served his country as a Marine Corps Sergeant, and has been a Contracted Instructor on CENSECFOR SERE since 2007. He is a fully qualified Academic and Field Instructor, ARL Monitor, and Class coordinator.

Eric Cole is a retired Navy Command Master Chief Petty Officer, and began working at CENSECFOR SERE in 2014. He qualified as a Resistance Instructor and Watch Chief in less than a year, and is now the Course Supervisor for the Instructor Under Training (IUT) Department.

Todd Gilje is a retired Navy Sailor with twenty years of active service. His last tour of duty was at SERE where he qualified in all aspects including as an RTL and a Field Controller. Gilje was one of the first contractors to start at CENSECFOR SERE and is a Master Training Specialist who has assisted in many of the curriculum changes at SERE. He now provides support, mentorship, and expertise as a podium instructor, while still providing Field and RTL instruction.

Andrew Nierras is a retired Hospital Corpsman, and is qualified for all phases of SERE training, including as an Interrogator, Controller, Class Coordinator, Class Debriefer and three Major Role positions. He has been a Resistance Department Instructor at CENSECFOR SERE since 2017.

Thank you all for your dedication and hard work over the past five years at Prevailance. Congratulations!