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An Airshow Surprise! John Owens, CEO of Prevailance, Inc, alongside the Commanding Officer of NEXWDC, CAPT Cepek, surprised Prevailance employee John Abbott with a spot bonus at the recent NAS Oceana Airshow. John Abbott consistently delivers superior communications support for NEXWDC. He is personally relied upon to perform communications planning, coordinate communication requirements and deliver communication products in support of multiple exercises. Furthermore, he personally has contributed numerous hours providing expert troubleshooting support to various units in the field resulting in the successful resolution of communication failures and the establishment of command and control systems.

Most recently, John’s efforts and contributions toward the successful execution of the world’s largest multinational Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster Response (HADR) exercise were personally lauded by our customer. We could not be prouder of the John A. and the entire Prevailance Team at NEXWDC. Keep up the great work!