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2022 NAS Oceana Airshow

Thank you to our Prevailance employees, families, friends, and customers who came out to enjoy the 2022 NAS Oceana Airshow. This year’s airshow theme, “Back to the Beach,” was a tribute to our deep roots in the Hampton Roads area and our steadfast commitment to the community, specifically as we all navigated the impacts of COVID-19. Following a two-year absence due to the pandemic, it was great being back and having the opportunity to reconnect with everyone who attended. Over 322 guests attended over the course of the weekend to help rejuvenate a Prevailance tradition – it certainly had “been a minute.”

Shoutouts to our guests Hank Frazier and his family from Maine, Bill Witt and his son and neighbors from Tennessee, Savanna Murray and her husband from South Carolina, and Francisco Alcantar and his daughter from South Carolina. We appreciate your efforts to get to the show and enjoyed sharing the day with you all.

We look forward to seeing everyone again next year!