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2020 Prevailance Award

The 2020 Prevailance Award is presented to Josh Gooch and Steven Thomas during the Virtual Prevailance 2020 Holiday Party held on December 21, 2020. Our Prevailance Award is presented to “the Prevailance Ambassador who best advances the Customer’s mission, thereby enhancing the Prevailance Brand.” Josh instituted first ever exercise evaluation methodology for USFFC ATFP and stepped in without hesitation to fill a critical position at USFFC with no loss in mission capability for the customer. Additionally, Josh participated in proposal efforts to expand Prevailance’ s ATFP portfolio. The 2020 Prevailance Award was also presented to Steven Thomas who saved a student’s life, by performing the Heimlich maneuver to the choking student while in Rangeley, a secluded area of Maine. Steven, thank you for your quick and remarkable action! Congratulations, Josh and Steven!