Exercise Development, Control & Support

Prevailance is highly experienced at delivering live, virtual, constructive (LVC) training and assessment support to U.S. Naval Forces. We employ proven, recognized processes based on the Joint Event Lifecycle (JELC) model to provide standardized procedures that assure consistent quality in any type of training exercise or instructional environment. We develop an overall framework intrinsically driven by the supported unit’s mission essential tasks (METs), training objectives and goals, and other leadership-directed certification requirements. We support each exercise planning and development effort with key milestone events and products, such as:

  • Concept Development Conference
  • Initial and Mid Planning Conferences (IPC and MPC)
  • Integrated Staff Training Scenarios
  • Communications-Electronics Plans
  • Storyline/Master Scenario Event List (MSEL) Development
  • Assessment Criteria
  • Exercise Playbook

Our team conducts detailed internal planning to build scenarios whether real-world, altered real-world or synthetic, that closely represent the C2 and support relationships, and C4ISR used in the AOR to which the training audience is deploying. We provide a scenario with enough contextual depth to be used for multiple training iterations and for multiple individual training audiences simultaneously within the same exercise. The Exercise Playbook we develop and deliver, provides exercise specific data and is intended to serve as the single source of scenario information to support exercise force planning efforts and final exercise execution. Prevailance provides exercise control and support as directed by the customer and required by the training audience. We support any scale or scope Final Exercise from CPX through LVC forces participating in the training event as we rely upon the cross-training of our personnel to surge support in meeting manpower requirements. During the exercise execution, we:

  • Conduct detailed LVC White Cell operations to ensure all NMETs for the various training audiences are stimulated, exercised, and assessed
  • Conduct detailed LVC EXCON operations to execute and adjust the MSEL, as the exercise unfolds and the plan meets with real-world events
  • Continuously instruct and mentor the training staffs’ C2 processes and procedures in organizing a staff and operations center; properly assigning staff functions and watchstander duties; and information management procedures within the staff and operations center
  • Upon completion of the exercise once objectives have been met, Prevailance develops and delivers after action reports addressing our assessment of the training audience performance. We also turn the lens inward to assess how well we delivered training support and how we can make it better.

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