Command & Control, Intelligence

Prevailance has extensive experience in carrier battle group planning, culminating in support to Aircraft Carrier Planning and Scheduling. Each carrier, airwing, surface combatants have unique capabilities and support requirements to fully employ their warfighting advantage. Prevailance supports the Navy by providing a fully integrated schedule of workups, deployment, and upkeep.

Fleet Aircraft Carrier Planning and Scheduling

Operational Level of War Training

Prevailance was founded by career Naval aviators. We know Navy carrier operations. We use our aviation perspective and experience to support Fleet aircraft carrier plans and schedules milestones.

Prevailance is a plank owner in the development of the Navy’s operational level of war (OLW) command and control (C2) of naval forces. A teammate in developing and executing a U.S. Navy training and exercise program. The OLW Project Team is instrumental in preparing the Maritime Operations Center (MOC) staffs to form a joint task force.

Prevailance has over 10 years of experience in MOC processes, developing TTPs, and certification of every Navy MOC. We currently provide training in command & control, assured C2, intelligence and information exchange requirements, cyberspace and information operations, to support commanders’ decision making and set conditions for the success of the Fleet around the world.

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