Research and Development

Prevailance performs research and development of new technologies for the military through the use of the Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) and Small Business Technology Transfer (STTR) programs. Prevailance is currently developing several exciting new products.

FOXTWO Points of Contact

Fleet Operational Exercise and Training Warfighter Optimization, or FOX TWO, is a software technology that leverages data science, learning systems, and advanced computational analyses of tactical data sources to improve training and data assessments, and provide future scenario and training recommendations. This STTR is currently in Phase II development for the US Navy.

Thorough trainee evaluation requires subject matter experts (SMEs) to assess current performance and recommend future training that is optimized for each individual. Presently, with limited SME availability and large volumes of data generated from today’s training environments, a comprehensive and consistent trainee assessment is impractical, if not impossible. This impacts the quality of analysis required to determine a trainee’s actual proficiency.

FOX TWO measures how well a trainee meets predetermined Measures of Performance (MOPs). Then, through individual training performance tracking, FOX TWO provides scenario recommendations to focus training time on weaker MOPs, and less on MOPs with demonstrated proficiency, to efficiently develop overall warfighting skills.

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